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  • Are you close to Cooperstown?
    We are only two and a half miles from Main Street Cooperstown, on the corner of Route 28 and Goose Street in Fly Creek, NY. A ten-minute drive from the Baseball Hall of Fame and some of our most popular restaurants and attractions.
  • Do you make your own wine?
    Yes! We crush, press, ferment, blend, barrel and age all our wine on site. We love making wine and take pride in every small, hand-made batch we create.
  • Is your wine made from New York state grapes?
    We are a farm winery and grow over five acres of distinctive and delicious, fruit-forward, cold-hardy grapes. We also source our fruit from the best grape growing regions in New York State to make our wine from 100% New York state grapes.
  • What are wine diamonds?
    We minimally process our wines. This can result in some naturally occurring substances coming out of solution and thereby becoming visible after bottling. A common example is tartrates, also called “wine diamonds”. They can become visible in wine when tartaric acid and potassium, both naturally occurring products of grapes, bind together to form a crystal-like substance or "wine diamond". Tartaric acid and potassium are always present in wine but only sometimes become visible. They are 100% natural and harmless.
  • Does your wine have sulfites?
    Yes, but please read on... Sulfites are in many processed foods, such as dried fruit, soda, cereal, maple syrup, and condiments like ketchup, mustard and pickles; they also occur naturally in fruit and vegetable juices. Sulfites are a normal by-product of the fermentation process and are a natural occurrence in beer and wine. Therefore, even “organic” wine will contain some sulfites. Non-organic wine can have additional sulfites added to protect against bacteria and chemical reactions which can quickly cause wine to spoil. But surprisingly, even wine with additional sulfites added, generally has a much lower sulfite count than many common foods!
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