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Portrait of a Cooper:

  • Harvest: Late September - Mid October 2020

  • Grape Varietal:  Marquette/Frontenac/Noiret

  • Vineyard:  South Shore of Oneida Lake, Central New York

  • Received by Pail Shop Vineyards as: Whole grapes, machine picked

  • Pre-Fermentation Treatment:   

    • 72-hour whole berry fermentation pre-crush

    • Saignée drawn off for Rose’

    • Crushed


  • Vessel: Harvest Bins

  • Temp:  Ambient temperatures

  • Time: approx. 1-week

  • Yeast:  MT48 (Fermivin)

  • Yeast Nutrients:  Go Ferm/Fermaid

  • Blending:  Before barrel aging

  • Aging:   American Oak Barrels (1-time previous use)

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