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Get a Taste of Our New York Vineyard:

We're What Local Looks Like!

To experience the unique qualities of New York state wine; visit Pail Shop Vineyards, in Fly Creek, NY. Our wine is a regional favorite because its distinctive taste is made from 100% local, New York state grapes! 

Enjoy a glass of homemade sangria or wine made right on the premises. Come for the truly local experience at Pail Shop Vineyards where we are dedicated to hand-made products bottled with care. Our peaceful grounds are perfect for a walk or picnic. Our tasting room is warm and inviting thanks to our welcoming staff, and it’s stocked with different selections of wine so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into running a winery and vineyard, and we love to meet new people curious to see what we’re all about. From pruning and harvesting the grapes, to pressing, fermenting, barreling and bottling, we do it all. If you’ve been searching for “vineyards near me” to visit, you may just have found your perfect getaway. All of us at Pail Shop Vineyards welcome you to drop by and see for yourself what we do throughout the seasons.

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