Curbside & Online Wine for Sale: For Locals and Tourists Alike

Wine curbside pickup? While we couldn’t have predicted this before COVID-19, it's not a bad idea! As much as we love visiting with guests in our tasting room, we also like that we can deliver our wine and sangria right to your car door. This ensures that everyone can stay safe, and it makes for a convenient shopping experience too. Chances are, even after the worst of the pandemic passes, curbside wine from online wineries will continue. Pail Shop Vineyards is happy to provide to-go wine to our loyal, local customers.

Our online wine offerings are available as long as supplies last. These are perfect for anyone interested in trying something new or updating the stock of their favorites from our vineyard. Try our bold fruit-forward flavors that come from the cold-hardy grapes of New York. Grapes grown in different soils and climates produce variations in flavors that cannot be duplicated; this is why seasonal and regional wines are so special.

From dry to semi-sweet, bold to subtle, white to red, we cultivate many unique flavors and blends and take pride in our craft. Every batch is made with the same passion and care as the one before. If you are searching for a change from your typical semi-sweet red, try our Painted Pail Red. It’s now available at local wine stores, in our online wine shop, and for curbside pick-up. The sweet-tart flavors of this chilled, fruity red wine compliment any barbeque, stand up to hearty dinner fare and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone dessert in the evening. It's also the secret ingredient in our downright addictive, homemade Sangria (now you know).