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Quality Local Wine

From Our Online Wine Shop

Are you looking for delicious New York wines? Pail Shop Vineyards now offers our wine for sale online. Many people order online after visiting us, others are curious to taste unique New York wine and have reached out to say we have the best wine online! Whatever your reason, we welcome you to order from our online wine shop and enjoy all we have to offer.

Upstate New York grapes need to be cold tolerant; their hardiness produces unique flavor profiles that we use to create our fruit-forward, uniquely delicious wines. Among our most popular selections is an oak-fermented dry white: Hoop Iron, a bourbon barrel-aged dry red: Portrait of a Cooper, a semi-dry, fruity white: 10,000 Wooden Pails, and a semi-sweet, grape-jammy red: Painted Pail Red, just to name a few.

While we love having visitors at our scenic vineyard and tasting room, we know not everyone can make the trip, especially during these times. In that case, we encourage you to experience the best of Pail Shop Vineyards with an order from our online wine shop.

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