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Visit Our Tasting Room for Some of The Best Wine Tastings You’ll Ever Enjoy

If you are online looking up the “best wineries near me in New York” then pay a visit to Pail Shop Vineyards Winery and Tasting Room, in beautiful Fly Creek, NY (two miles from Main Street Cooperstown). We are one of the most loved wineries in the state thanks to our distinctive wines, our friendly staff, our dedication to the winemaking process, and our scenic location. Everyone is welcome and wine tasting is not the only amenity offered; many couples and families enjoy a picnic in the field next to our duck pond or stroll around our Vineyard-Hill Walk.

There are views of the valley, great picture taking, and shady seating areas to relax. Pail Shop Vineyards truly is “heaven just over the hill” from Main Street Cooperstown. Whether you are new to New York wine tastings or familiar with the region, we invite you to visit our tasting room and vineyard to enjoy some of the best wine tastings that the area has to offer.

To see what people are saying about Pail Shop Vineyards, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. You’ll quickly see that we try hard to help our visitors enjoy and appreciate everything we love about Pail Shop. We pay attention to the little things and strive to make everyone feel welcome as they enjoy a relaxing, memorable experience with us.

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